Vossloh Kiepe provides a full lineup of services for urban and local public transport vehicles: from repair work via air-conditioner maintenance to all-in vehicle revamping.

Kiepe Service

Customers for the products and services of Vossloh Kiepe are transport operators, state and private railways and first-tier suppliers to the industry. The services are not tied to specific products and/or manufacturers.


We have formed an alliance to make sure your buses, streetcars and trams run safely and on time. You will already know us as a reliable supplier of advanced-technology products. And, when it comes to service and maintenance, you can also count on us. Together we are now altogether stronger. Experts working hand in glove in your best interests!


Rising demands regarding the standard of comfort available on today’s local transport road and rail vehicles have meant that the majority nowadays are fitted out with air-conditioning systems. To fully deliver their benefits, these require high standards of maintenance and upkeep. With its Klimamobil mobile unit, Vossloh Kiepe is able to carry out wide-ranging jobs extending from simple on-site repair work to complete inspection and including, if necessary, the provision of replacement units.

Hybrid bus servicing

Vossloh Kiepe provides hybrid bus servicing by specially trained (field) technicians that assist operators of these vehicles in all aspects of maintenance and repair.

Repair Center

Our Repair Center is the place to contact in all matters related to the repair of components and equipment. This includes not only standard repairs but also solutions to problems encountered with third-party equipment, the option of using temporary replacement units, and emergency repair services. The work can, of course, also be carried out on your premises.

Kiepe After Sales

Vossloh Kiepe produces electrical equipment for rail vehicles and electric buses to the whole world. Our aftersales service team supports you extensively during and after the delivery of the vehicles – also in the native language of the country in question.


Kiepe’s automatic test system (ATS) can be used on electronic assemblies, components, and controllers. It is compatible with all Kiepe components and controllers. It tests simple and many third-party analog and digital circuits, the functioning of network parts and controller assemblies.

Kiepe Vehicle Data Management (FDM)

Das Kiepe-Fahrzeugdatenmanagement ermöglicht den Betreibern von Fahrzeugen ein umfassendes Datenmangement der in Fahrzeugen eingesetzen Komponenten. Hierbei werden sowohl die betrieblichen Belange des Kunden als auch die zwischen Vossloh Kiepe und dem Kunden abgestimmten Betriebsdaten der Geräte gesammelt und zur weiteren Verarbeitung aufbereitet. Kundenspezifische Datenübertragungswege ermöglichen einen flexiblen Einsatz.


Kiepe Diagnostic Help

Diagnostic help allows both operators and service employees a comprehensive insight into the operating and diagnosis data of the Vossloh Kiepe systems installed in the vehicle. With the aid of software and hardware interfaces, third-party equipment and systems can also be diagnosed.

For detailed information please refer to our brochure.

Installation work

For decades now Kiepe has been a reliable installer of electric and air-conditioning systems for rail vehicles, trolleybuses and hybrid buses.