Salzburg, Austria

Delivery: 2000-2004

Trolleybuses are the recognised and popular mode of transport in the city of Salzburg. Electrically propelled trolleybuses are highly thought of because of their ecological benefits. It is not without reason that Salzburg calls itself the "Trolley Town".

In order also to do justice to this name in future, Salzburg increases its rolling stock with 30 vehicles, which are provided with electrical equipment from Kiepe.

Electrical equipment from Kiepe fulfils the cost-effective requirements. The importance of the "overall concept" is higher than before, as the operator is shown up-to-date methods of repair and maintenance of his vehicles.

Following Kiepe innovation assist the operators to reduce vehicle operating costs during their service lives:
» Kiepe has many years of experience with data bus in the transport sector. The data bus, originally need in the car industry on CAN basis, used for networking of the components inside the vehicle. In addition, databus allows reduction of cabling in the vehicles.

» With the advent of components such as IGBT and electronic semiconductors it is possible to group several devices in a smaller area inside the compact sturdy roof mounted equipment box.

» Control and monitor of electrical components (current collector and main contactors) is performed via Kiepe´s data bus control composing of microprocessor and control modules.

» Well known Kiepe diagnostic unit can diagnose problems of all major components such as traction converter, power converter, vehicle control equipment, heating systems and BSM microprocessor control units.

» A diagnostic laptop computer plugged in the PC connection gains access to central diagnostic to monitor all devices connected to the data bus system.

» Robust asynchronous cage rotor induction motors included in well proven three-phase traction system requires very little maintenance. The newly developed compact container, deserves a special mention. This accommodates time honoured IGBT equipped direct pulse and on-board converters with their control mechanisms breaking resistors, network filters, device panels for compressor and heater controls, all of these are integrated inside the roof mounted equipment box.

The compact container complete unit equipment mentioned above comes as a thoroughly tested unit ready for connection. The unit is placed in recessed roof area where it is mounted.
The bus builder provides a cover which protects roof mounted equipment box from dust, dampness and solar radiation. This cover also acts as a noise absorber. Heat generated by the active components in roof equipment container is dissipated by temperature sensing force ventilation driven by a maintenance free three-phase AC motor. The cover may be swing open at either side and this allows easy access for maintenance and fast exchange of components:

Extensive functional cheeks are carried out under load at Kiepe against latest standards and when satisfied units are released for mounting on to vehicle roof.

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