Cracow, Poland

Lieferung: 1999-2004

The Metropolitan Transit Authority MPK Kraków in Poland operates a tramway network with a length of approx. 85 km in the city of Cracow and its suburb Nowa Huta. The tramway system plays an important role for the urban public transport in Cracow.

The first 14 low floor tramcar vehicles of type NGT6 which were delivered with the electrical equipment of Kiepe in 1999/2000 represented the beginning of an extensive modernisation of the existing fleet. On account of the very good results with this extremely reliable vehicle type, Kiepe was placed with the order for the supply of further 12 vehicles to Cracow early in 2003, and there is an option of another 18 vehicles.

The installation of the electrical equipment will be realized on local content in Cracow. The concept of the NGT6 tramcars features high passenger comfort. In addition, the operators benefit from high reliability and low maintenance due to this sophisticated design. Besides the use of the high-performance PC-based Kiepe diagnosis software with detailed service data recording and fault analysis, this is achieved by the fact that each of the four traction motors is operated by a separate traction converter with individual control. The key component of this design are the two Kiepe roof equipment containers which are located over both motor boogies on the roof. Each of the two roof containers contains an auxiliary static converter, two complete traction inverters including inverter control module as well as further functional units. The roof containers are supplied to the car builder completed wired and function-tested.

Each of the four selective propulsion units consists of a microprocessor controlled IGBT-traction inverter with individual drive control, and its braking resistor and motor-gear unit. This concept offers high vehicle availability as special interest was focused on optimum system redundancy.

A high travelling comfort is achieved by a digital drive/brake control enabling jerk-free starting and braking. The recuperated energy by regenerative braking can be fed back to the line which positively influences the energy consumption.

Further advantages of the NGT6 type are the comfortable boarding height, the modern passenger information system with electric acoustics device and various display screens as well as separate heating and ventilation systems for the passenger compartment and driver's cab.

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